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Who is the Artist? Discovering Parallel Challenges in Art & Science

By: Sean Bedingfield | March 22nd, 2019 Me: “So how did you get into art?” Friend: “Oh, I really fell in love when I was apprenticing for “(some big name artist).” Me: “Really? What did you do as his apprentice?” Friend: “Here, see this painting he sold at this auction? I painted that. And this […]

Laser Talk Speakers

One highlight of this year’s ArtLab event will be 10 minutes “laser talks” presented by a selected group of Vanderbilt individuals outlined below. These talks will showcase the process of using lights, lasers, and lenses through film, performances, digital art, photography, and microscopy.  Jonathan Rattner has found his specialization in informative film which promotes viewer […]

HIGHLIGHTS: Curb Center – ArtLab Fellows

The event pages officially up as we approach a month out from the Focal Point Lights, Lasers, and Lenses show. Today, we will feature the Curb Center- ArtLab Fellows. See there work at the ArtLab show on Arpil 11th! Save your spot by registering today! Nicole Fisher is a Pharmacology Ph.D. student with a […]