HIGHLIGHTS: The Wond’ry-ArtLab Fellows

SAVE THE DATE- APRIL 11th, 2019 


 How do we explore the world? How do we convey that knowledge to others? And how do lights, lasers, and lenses change both of these processes? These questions are motivations for thinking through the overlapping practices of scientists and artists, both of whom use materials and research, observation, measuring, experimenting, and imagining to create a truth of the world. The Spring ArtLab exhibition explores art grounded in light, lasers, and lenses. Emphasizing exploration, formal experimentation, materiality, process, and exhibition context, this show aims to visually explore science through the lens of art. Here we feature our Wond’ry-ArtLab Fellows, all extremely talented undergradutes within the Vanderbilt University Community, who will be contributing work to the event. 

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Born in South Korea but raised in Bangkok, John Kim is now a Junior at Vanderbilt pursuing neuroscience with a computer science minor. His academic involvement has recently led him to assisting in nervous system research and to the home of SyBBURE, an engineering and science-heavy problem solving organization on campus. John is excited for the opportunity to showcase what he has researched through the lens of visual art. A current VUceptor as well, he’s grateful for the sense of community of fellow scientists and classmates and hopes that his artworks can help to find common ground between the circles in which he finds himself.
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Matthew Gothard is a current undergraduate sophomore pursuing mechanical engineering and ultimately leaning towards a career in product development. Consequently, his work here at ArtLab utilizes an ensemble of electronics, machine manufacturing, and photography techniques working in unison to produce visually striking and technologically-based images. He hopes that the details behind his artistic process can be used to inspire viewers to discover and appreciate the wealth of possibilities associated with the electrical and mechanical fabrication techniques of which he makes use.
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Emily Layton dreams of making the microscopic world – historically outside the capabilities of human observation – accessible to all viewers. Here at ArtLab, she brings into the focus the microbial realm, highlighted by fluorescence and further stylized by her own unique artistic processes. Emily aims to elucidate both the scientific and creative methods at work behind her art as part of her project, and she hopes above all that each audience member, irrespective of his or her previous scientific experience, can come to appreciate the beauty that has for millennia eluded the naked eye.





















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Taylor Raboin is an interdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur based out of Nashville, TN. For nearly a decade, Taylor has worked with and helped start a number of companies with a focus on media publication and application development. His recent roles include technical consultant and development lead for early-stage and venture-backed companies. In his desire for a more creative pursuit, Taylor has spent the last two years at Vanderbilt University refocusing on art creation in a variety of experimental media. His most recent works leverage his technical skill to create interactive sound art. These pieces use hardware interfaces to explore new ways of generating sound for both performative and participatory contexts. Taylor has assisted artists such as Guillermo Galindo and Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons while working to further his own studio practice.
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Eve Moll is a junior at Vanderbilt University in the college of arts and sciences studying Molecular & Cellular Biology and Communication of Science & Technology on the pre-medical track. Though she primarily studies the sciences, Eve is also a visual artist. Eve started seriously painting at age 11 at Lucy Saenz art studio in South Florida and enjoys conveying important messages through her art. Eve has been participating in ArtLab since its inception, combining her interests for art and science in the form of paintings with science-driven subjects. After Vanderbilt, Eve hopes to continue her education in medical school and pursue a medical career.


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