CDTb Zipper 1

Artist: Eve Moll
Mentor: Mike Sheedlo
Laboratory: Borden Lacy

This piece, titled ‘CDTb Zipper 1’ was inspired by the binary toxin of Clostridium difficile, a bacteria responsible for hospitalacquired infection in the United States. The binary toxin (CDT) has two proteins, CDTa and CDTb. CDTb forms a pore in a host cell, and the way the protein moves to achieve this interesting shape is the subject of exploration. The pore “zippers up” and injects itself syringe-style into the cell, poking through the membrane in a dramatic and orderly manner. The idea of ‘zippering up’ drives the image, which depicts an artistic, technicolored version of the toxin in three chronological states. The image can be ‘read’ from left to right as the pore forms.

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