STEM-science technology engineering and mathematics- acts as a driving force of social change through the numerous and speedy advances in knowledge. One lens through which cultural actions can be assessed is through the interpretation by artists who aim to expose the shared social direction. Art forces us to reflect and ask: Who do we want to be and where do we want to go as a society? Therefore, shouldn’t there be a clear, more direct discourse between the arts and the science?

The ArtLab aims to connect artists and scientists within the Vanderbilt community. Participants will gain experience in artistic and scientific processes and contribute to a piece of work that will be shown during the final exhibition. The impact of the program on the creative approach will be assessed. The product of ArtLab will be a final exhibition at the end of the semester held in the Wond’ry and a research paper that highlights the effect of the program on participants.


Dr. Kendra Oliver is the designer and creator of ArtLab, a novel art and science immersion experience for Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff as well as the Nashville community. The purpose of the project is to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue exploring the intersection of art and science. ArtLab will focus on the artistic and scientific method to find common ground in creative approaches. This project offers a unique opportunity to foster unusual unions across the Vanderbilt Campus and Nashville community. Dr. Oliver received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Vanderbilt University and is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Discovery Science Education at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She is also a Visiting Lecturer at The Wond’ry.