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My favorite aspect is the discussion with other artists on each other’s drawings. I think this gives me new inspirations on my work.

Xinrui Li


My favorite aspect was probably being pushed to do something I haven’t done before, which was try to create a scientific creation through art. I also delved into animation, something I’ve always wanted to do, and the program pushed me to even create more comic panels. Overall, I was incredibly happy with how the program has motivated me to draw and create more as I often struggle to self-motivate.

Lauren Wong


I thoroughly enjoyed my artist-in-residence experience the best that I could considering the circumstances of the 2020 summer. Dr. Oliver and my lab mentor were amazing to work with and I enjoyed being able to connect my art with science. I encountered many issues due to the pandemic over the summer and both Dr. Oliver and my lab mentor were very understanding and supportive. This was an incredible and unique experience that I hope to be apart of again next summer.

Skylar Cuevas

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