In 2017, the ArtLab program emerged from a desire to better understand the intersection between arts and sciences. ArtLab has become an epicenter for design, visual science communication, and science outreach through innovative and engaging exhibits that showcase top biomedical researchers’ latest findings through art. Through fellowships (44-fellows 2017-2019), participants gain experience and create artwork. Interested in outcomes-driven practices, we evaluate our program to better understand the impact of science exhibitions and outreach. We utilize iterative design practices by examining the programmatic approach and its impacts. We have collected extensive data on both participants and exhibition attendees (over 2500 total), including demographics, self-reported participation in exhibit activities, interest in continued programming, and willingness to engage in a STEAM2D community.

What People Say

I did challenge myself [to] think from the perspectives of different viewers. I learned science and started thinking more like an illustrator… I also used a new art form that I have never used before.

Artist-in-Residence, Summer 2019

I am fascinated by artists and the creative process since science has its own creative process but such a different method! I enjoyed remembering how to work with people who are outside of the field.

Researcher, Summer 2019

This program has helped me to increase my artistic confidence as I plan to continue to create artworks inspired by my medical training and research in the future.

Artist-in-Residence, Summer 2019

Let’s build something together.