Remote Artist-in-Residence Program

ArtLab in collaboration with the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology, and Inflammation (VI4)

Our Mission: To train the next generation of scientists and physicians and make fundamental discoveries in the areas of infection biology, immunology, and inflammation with the goal of increasing knowledge and improving human health.

A virtual artist-in-residence experience for Vanderbilt Undergraduates to connect with researchers to communicate findings.

The artist-in-residence program is an opportunity for artists and scientists to explore the area of art-science. The residency focuses on the inclusion of an artistic remote collaboration within a research environment. The program’s objective is to explore multi-disciplinary perspectives and aims to have the participants create artwork related to the laboratories’ research. Ideally, this art would be suitable as cover art, included in a manuscript, or used to promote the laboratory publicly. In addition to the laboratories promoting the artist’s work, these collaborations may also be featured at VI4 events (e.g. MEGAMicrobe, VI4 Annual Symposium) and future ArtLab exhibitions. Final pieces must be completed in 10- weeksover the summer of 2020.

What happens?

Weekly updates to program administrators

online workshops and resources for ArtScience

Building a art-science partnership

Create artwork to communicate scientific findings

Who is involved?

Vanderbilt Research Faculty
If you are interested in hosting a remote artist in your laboratory please complete the application form. The form will be posted on this site when applications open.

When does it start?

Applications open March 23rd