VAAST – Vanderbilt Alliance for Art, Science & Technology

Mark Hosford, Associate Professor, Art;

Betsey Robinson, Associate Professor, History of Art;

David Weintraub, Professor, Physics & Astronomy; and

Kendra Oliver, Director, ArtLab initiative

The Vanderbilt Alliance for Art, Science, and Technology, (VAAST) a trans-institutional effort that will explore the intersections of art with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the past, present, and future. With a cross-disciplinary approach drawing from  STEM , medicine, art, media arts, design, and the histories thereof, we have already established a vibrant intellectual community with a focus on innovative research, immersive art-making, exhibition, and outreach. This pilot proposal includes four axes: Art-Medicine, Art-Computing, Science-Media Arts, and Scientific Culture, a term encompassing social and historical studies.