Laboratory: Eric Skaar

A. Baunammii is a pathogen which invades the human body, and is represented here as an “alien spaceship” in “outer space” (the lungs). This opportunistic bacteria is commonly found in compromised immune systems, (indicated by the presence of few white blood cells), where it competes with the body to “abduct” the nutrient zinc. A.Baumannii has a system of proteins that work together to obtain the zinc : ZnUD, which has a specific shape (i.e the concave shaped vacuum) to bind the zinc, the first tunnel is ZnUA which carries the zinc from the exterior to the interior, ZnUC , the gears provide energy for the process and finally, ZnUB, the upper chamber, absorbs the zinc into the cytoplasm for growth. The bigger spaceships are the bacteria which have been able to obtain Zn for growth. Due to the prescience of A.Baumannii spaceships, the body’s own intake of zinc has declined as represented by the cells which have little zinc in them.

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