Elliot Jaffe, Junior Undergraduate

Elliot Jaffe is a junior undergraduate student at Vanderbilt majoring in Communication of Science and Technology. Because ultimately choosing between sciences, humanities and arts had proven too difficult, he’s thus sought a way to pursue all three simultaneously. Elliot’s work here at ArtLab is focused around managing the organization’s online presence as well as writing content, but in his free time he enjoys entertaining his curiosity with digital art, music, and language.


Justin Chediak, Senior Undergradaute

Justin Chediak, Senior will be graduating in May with a degree in Political Science and minors in Biological Sciences and Chemistry and is hoping to attend medical school next fall. Alongside Dr. Kendra Oliver, Justin is working to implement an interactive display outside the main Stevenson Center lecture halls to facilitate a bridge between undergraduate students and researchers of all disciplines across Vanderbilt. The display will house a library of video interviews conducted with private investigators in fields ranging from Health & Medicine to Law, Business, & Politics. These PIs briefly discuss the work their research group is doing and what opportunities undergraduate students have had in working with them. The project is ultimately designed to encourage undergraduate interest in research and provide students with a direct line of communication to various research groups so they can become involved themselves.


Caroline Cencer, Graduate Student

Caroline Cencer is a graduate student in the Tyska Laboratory in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology. She has extensive experience with microscopes of all shapes and sizes and enjoys capturing cells, both living and fixed, in an artistic way. The level of detail that can be resolved from a microscopic specimen on modern microscopes is truly fascinating and beautiful. With an eye for the microscope, Caroline hopes to pursue imaging in her future career. In the meantime, she enjoys volunteering with STEM-related organizations such as ArtLab.


Kendra H. Oliver, Ph.D., Instructor in Department of Pharmacology & Senior Lecturer in Communication of Science and Technology

Kendra is the designer and founder of ArtLab, a novel art and science immersion experience for Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff as well as the Nashville community. The purpose of the project is to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue exploring the intersection of art and science. ArtLab will focus on the artistic and scientific method to find common ground in creative approaches. This project offers a unique opportunity to foster unusual unions across the Vanderbilt Campus and Nashville community. Dr. Oliver received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Vanderbilt University and is currently an instructor in the Department of pharmacology housed in the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. She also has a secondary appointment in Communication of Science and Technology, is a Fellow at the Curb Center, and is a visiting lecturer at the Wond’ry.